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Facts & Figures
      Facts About ATM Industry in India
-- Based on a survey conducted by international consultancy firm IDC in India on behalf of NCR Corporation :

1) Around 88 percent of the cardholders make use of the facility only for cash withdrawal.

2) A cardholder on an average uses an ATM for 3.5 times a month for cash withdrawal, while he uses the machine around 2.5 times for balance inquiry.
-- Rs.55,000 crore dispensed through ATMs in India in fiscal 2003 ( Rs.27,000 crore in the previous year)
-- 9000 ATMs in India : Growth Rate 60 % per annum
-- Rs.1500 crore already spent to set up this infrastructure!
-- Rs.2000 - Rs.3000 per day is the cost of maintaining a single ATM.
-- A MNC now making 2500 ATMs annually plans to make 10000 from 2005.

-- Number of Transactions per ATM : up to 400 per day.

-- Price of an ATM : Rs.7-10 lakh
-- ATMs are good brand ambassadors for the Bank. ATM centers by way of their ambience and services provided give customers a certain feeling about the bank.
-- The cost per transaction is about Rs.20/-
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